I licked her hand and it taste like chicken



:eek My dentist is a woman.

[quote=“333halfabeast, post: 1088205”]Really?

:eek My dentist is a woman.[/quote]

See they’re strange fuckers…She stuck someone elses penis in your mouth:ninja

Don’t be jealous just because it wasn’t yours.

lexi most childrens dentist have like grape flavored or bubble gum

:24::24::24::24: aw gross!

Awesome, hopefully the don’t taste like flavored condoms. :yuk

hummmm…have never tasted a flavored condom

The one I did taste was not a good flavor.

That is why you should never go ATM

I didn’t say it tasted like dirty pennies. It just wasn’t a pleasant watermelon flavor, kind of a chalky watermelon flavor.


wtf lmfao