I love dr pepper

Of course I’m sure you all already knew this… but it’s 3:15 am and I finally finished off the one I opened at 5 pm… wasn’t like ‘newly opened’ fizzy, but it was still delicious.

I should see if Dr Pepper would let me carry a bag of syrup around. IV it directly into my veins.

That would be kick ass.

Well it’s 8:45 am here and I’m still drinking cider, bad I know but my time is completely fucked at the moment and it is the weekend, enjoy Dr Pepper dude!

do british people drink cider and tea all the time??

We probably drink more tea than you, I drink it throughout the day but like a nice coffee in the morning. Only real men drink cider!:smiley:

i like apple cider :slight_smile:

I’m going to get Dr. Pepper banned from this earth…

I’m going to get Charmer banned fromt his earth, if that happens.

:yuk :jk anyway hows the house coming along.:smiley:

We’re hangin up drywall right now. Read my “I give up” thread for the latest bathroom pics. :smiley:

imo Mr. Pibb > Dr. Pepper

That’s because Mr. Pibb sugar > Dr Pepper sugar.

Dr Pepper relies on the flavors, not just a crapload of sugar.

ha ha someone was bored lastnight werent they :slight_smile:


i was getting drunk…

Somebody shoulda gone to bed two hours prior to posting this!

ha ha