I love you

bleeding sympathies from mental wounds
my battlefield consists of torture and truth
I cant separate myself from my weakness
needing a soul to save me from myself

Your words but a wisper upon the winds of change
and I try to hear them, but they fall upon me too soft for my hard head
i dont listen and you cry. not for yourself, but for me
oh your sympathies

baby i come back to you arms open and wide
excepting everything you have to give as i kiss your lips
never to leave again as if your soul were attached to me at the hip
i love you

Very Good

absoultly beautiful boomer hugs

omg that was so touching… did you make it up??

gazes at boomer with adoration and awe

Im Telling ya Boomer… Words Just cant define how much I enjoy reading your work

Thank you for your kind words. All of you!

wow boomer, no yelling, a romantic at heart…whoda known:) love it htough great job!