I may never see my house again


My friend Catharine gave my number to one of her client’s (she works in a salon) and guess what? Another new job!

It’s for a 7 year old boy with Asperger’s Syndrome. He has a twin sister, who is not affected with the disorder, and the mother wants my help in getting him more involved with friends, his sister, and typical things for his age. I’m meeting her next week, spoke to her today on the phone for the first time, and she set up an observation at his school as well as one for his karate class and soccer practice… This kid is really on-the-go 24/7… Don’t know when exactly she thinks she wants to schedule me in, but I will soon find out. She is “extremely excited to meet me” and “has heard wonderful things about me” Gee- I hope Catharine didnt tell her I’m a beer whore… hahahah JOKING!!!

Mo money mo money!

If you’re helping someone with Aspurgers syndrome then I can’t give you enough respect!:slight_smile: We’re fustrating bastards at times!

Hey Jersey, just out of curiosity, what do you do?

HAH Peter-
This will actually be my first client with Asperger’s… until now I have only dealt with Autism

Nic- I do ABA Therapy (Applied Behavior Analysis… if you wanna know) for children on the Autism Spectrum.
Most of the work I do is to control behavior in social settings such as teaching them proper conversations to have with kids/adults, manners, and learning how to learn from a teacher/friends etc. at school(kids with ASD have a rough time learning what is “appropriate” in these settings) I also do work with language and articulation (another rough spot with ASD) and practice daily living skills that they may need help with (how to properly dress, brush teeth, table manners, learning to ride bikes, swim… etc)

and there you have it!

cant wait for 5 o’clock! i will have 22 hours off of work!!! then 8-8 on sunday :frowning: i hope it rains so i dont feel so bad about working all day on sunday

oopps then 3-8 tomorrow… and then 8-8 sunday

glad to see everything is working out well for you Heather keep it up.:wink: