I nearly died

No, really.

I was walking home and this branch fell from a tree, massive branch it was. Landed 2 yards in front of me, if i had been a little quicker, it might have landed on my head and killed me, it looked big enough too.

that happened to a guy near where i livee… he was in his van driving along and a tree fell on top of him and killed him… and if hes been going a little faster or slower or left a little later or earlier it would have missed him. but it fell a that moment…and he died…

Wow, that’s scary. I guess it was just wasn’t your time yet

scarey stuff

oh and im glad ur not dead…

that sounds rather scary…

Someone was watching over you…

Glad you’re still with us! :nod:

Scary stuff.

must have been some big ass squirrel…:ninja:D

scary stuff, glad you are alright.:thumbup

That is why they call those things widow makers mang

glad that you are ok…

I am also glad you are okay

And I hope Ed Norton plays the role of you in the movie of this incident!

scary stuff

Glad it missed.

Yep. That would have been a Code Brown if something had come that close to killing me!

Really glad that missed you!!

wow havent heard that one in awhile!!! :24:

Glad your okay man!

Yowsa! Glad it missed you!