I need a punch bag

Has anyone got a strong drink i can neck and a punch bag :mad

Awww… what’s wrong sweetie? :frowning:

Ok you all no i went to see rob today and well all we did was chat as mates then he says on msn babe i really need to see you to get you to see how much i love you and well i said im with mike at the moment and you no that said we need to talk this through i like you as a mate and dont want to lose that
he said to come round and then i did and i waited 15 mins for him to come to the door and he wasnt there so all along i feel he’s bullshited that he liked me and for me to dump mike what i will never do i realized who i loved lastnight while i was crying thinking about it because rob asked me to chose and i chose mike and im just really pissed off I dont get why Robs done that to me really fucked over my freindship and because I no his mates they say hes an ass for doing that :frowning:

now all hes doing is sending me stupid links by msn arggggggggggggggggggggg makes me so mad mikes on his way round hes comeing out of work to come talk to me even he was ok with me trying to keep rob as a mate but he wants his head off now


I’m so sorry hun. :frowning:

He should just accept that you only want to be mates.

[quote=“satinbutterfly, post: 1092775”]hugs

I’m so sorry hun. :([/quote]
Im just speachless hes done this its not like him the rob i no :frowning:

Sorry for the swearing im just a bit peed off

HUGS I’m sorry girlie!

Sounds mad but i want my mum lol but shes away lol just hope mike hurrys up ;(

Good Luck getting it all straightened out. I know it can get you all in knots.

I will think like mike said im to nice and hes not worth it noing my mike he would love to go beat him up but i told him not to lol

theres a few brits on here that would be only too willing to have a little chat with him george

He goes yer i txt u im out with my mum and dad so dont come and then he asks me to come for a bit and then he I THINK HE Was bullshiting me my dad says thats what hes doing trying to play games with my head

your dad could be right:nod:

think he is :slight_smile: