I need some ideas


I am seriously thinking about getting a tattoo on my back but I dont want the same ole thing that everybody else has. The basic butterfly is what I always see when a girl has a tattoo on her back. I want something different. Anybody got any ideas or any pics I can see to help me?


how about a bleeding butterfly with a dove on the right wing, and the grim reaper with scythe on the left wing?


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:wtf Dont give her any bright ideas. :lol

I seen some that I really liked at the tatt shop a few weeks ago when I was looking that would be cool.


How about my face on each of yoe nipples so BOSS can get a REAL erection! WOOT! http://www.abestweb.com/smilies/swinging.gif


Cheeyaahh!! Then I could say that yours were the purdyest lips I ever came across!!! http://www.abestweb.com/smilies/jackoff.gif :laughing :laughing :laughing


if you know someone that can draw…give them the idea of what you want and let them get creative with it


I suggest that if you don’t know what you want, then wait. This is what’s going to be on YOU for the rest of your life, so make it meaningful and worthwhile. Instead of asking others what you should get, maybe you should look into what matters to you the most.


I know I want something but I just dont know what. I know once I see it, I will know. I just havent seen the right one yet. Oh well, Im not in a big rush.


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:owned :rofl