I own donkey kong


for now :banana i left room for improvement.




its pretty hard and its getting on my nerves…

damn barrels :fu


uuummm… NO! I OWN DONKEY KONG!!! :lol :lol :lol :lol



I keep having problems w/ the barrels too. :frowning:


i got it up to 23, but then i jumped too soon and landed on a barrel. ill try again later.


got the jackpot :woohoo




Well I got to 40,200 and my two buddies walked in and I had to lay it down and lost two men and was able to beat it just by a little bit. If they hadnt walked in then I would have stomped 40,000 in the ground. LOL



ill give it another shot later…lol… :fu


HA HA HA!!! You better try hard because 59000 is a hard score to beat!!! :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana


damn, itll take all day!


like i said earlier… i own donkey kong http://www.offtopicz.com/forums/smilies_mod/upload/3c3f3265e052efcbf68440edc17dbf2c.gif


LOL Im about to go change my spark plugs but as soon as I get back I will take you off the top! :fu


Told you id be back. I OWN DONKEY KONG!!!


later on this week, i might try again- it takes forever.