I really like


My new job! I put in 60 hours last week and its great!!! :woohoo


Im glad ya like it. I honestly dont think I could handle it. Im a wuss! With all the heat and lifting all that heavy stuff.


Yeah that part sux but its ok. The worst part is dealing with alot of assholes. :tard


Im sure the ER at St Josephs is one of the assholes. We call every day to tell them that our Pepsi machine is broke. It seriously breaks EVERY day!


No, I don’t get to talk to th epeople that place the orders, jut the people that I deliver to. Oh BTW… for all yous assholes that park RIGHT in the front door of a gas station or over the wheel chair access ramp while someone is making a delivery… :fu I HATE THOSE PEOPLE!!!


I guess its the little things that we never think of! :rofl :rofl :rofl :rofl :rofl


I miss 60 hours a week.

I really do. But hell for now I’m getting 40… except last friday.


:lol You can’t imagine how much of a pain in the ass it is when to have a dolly with 18 cases of pepsi on it and have to pull it up on a 8 inch curb…

18 cases = 432 indevidual sodas… which = heavy as hell


Do yall deliver here in town only or do you have to go to different towns too?