I saved my cat!


Ok I went to take a leak, and left the door open since I’m the only one awake. Well as I’m standing there, I see my cat walk over to investigate something at the bottom of the wall outside the bathroom. Then I saw what it was, a fucking scorpion! I said Felix, get the hell away from it. Naturally, he raises his paw to poke at it…Well I was taking a leak so I couldn’t just run over there…So I was telling the retard to get away for about another 5 seconds then I did some hardcore “shaking” and dashed over there and pushed him out of the way to smash the scorpion to hell! I hate those fuckers. I would rather be stung by 5 wasps than a scorpion, they hurt like crazy. I was reading before that no humans die from scorpions in the US because they are small, and don’t have enough poison. But it said they often kill smaller creatures, so naturally I didn’t want to take a chance with my buddy Felix. Might not have done him in, but I know how bad they hurt ME!




Had to post some pics so you could see how cool he is. :smiley:


SO FUCKIN PRECIOUS! My Petey is waaaaay cuter! But I’m sure Felix would eat Petey, since he’s trusty hamster and all…


LOL. Felix is a brat. Got any pics of Petey? Does he have one of those wheels to run around in, because those are awesome. Keeps them in shape too :smiley:


I’ve eaten cat b4


My cats have eaten bacon before.




It’s true.



aaaaahahahahahahaha cat’s always seem to find the most weird position possible to just sit and chill.


And they are actually comfortable laying like that :tard


Why do all cats like to lay on paper, boxes and shit :dunno


Re: RE: I saved my cat!!!

haha, I have a Petey too, but he’s much cuter than a hamster. :banana

Felix is cute, but in that second pic, he’s kinda being a slut. :dunno


is this a ‘post pics of your pussy’ thread?


:o :lol :rofl :funnah


Re: RE: I saved my cat!!!

Yea Ouz let’s see yours :rofl


V hasn’t left yet…better be careful!!! LoL!!


Ummm Why :dunno


Ill have to post a picture of my cat wednesday

Yes my cats name is wedensday

And my late dogs name was Friday

Soo ill try and get some pics of wednesday and find some good ones of friday


Ok this is a picture of my cat, she is named Wednesday (yes like the day)

She is the weirdest cat ever, she comes when you call her, acts like a dog, and if noone is around her she will start freaking out and meowing really loug and deep till she hears someone or sees someone

She also answeres to the name Kitty since thats what I call her most of the time

Sorry for bad quality, its from my phone


Looks tasty :smiley:


Here are some pics of our newest kitten Huey…this kitten is the weirdest kitten i’ve ever had as a pet…her two best friends consist of a fish and a dog…she sits next to the fish bowl and watches the fish for hours. Then she’ll sleep next to the bowl, and around the bowl…and she loves our puppy Madison too.


Playing in a bag

Playing with the fish



We have 4 other cats also