I smell chicken cooking

why in the hell am I smelling chicken? Im the only one here Im not cooking, nobody outside is cooking chicken what the hell this is weird???:confused

Maybe it’s wafting across the street.

Are you still at the house?

yes Im in the house

I smell nothing at the moment

I find that hard to believe since you just took a shit that smell lingers for hours

I made chicken last night and just had some for lunch…but I live on the West Coast in California…unless there are some mighty strong winds!!:wink:

ha ha Im pretty sure thats not it but thanks for the suggestion

I’m standing outside your window with a small fan and a plate of chicken.


LOL is that right do I look cute today? :slight_smile:

haha I didn’t just take a shit…that was this morning…I smell hamburger helper now

cute isn’t the word I’d use to describe you. More like… well, a certain acronym that begins with MI and ends with LF.


actualy you smell it from my house, i was cooking chk earlier today:)

Maybe its a chicken scented glade plug in. shrugs Hey…it could happen.

mmm do they sell those? i would love one

ha ha boomer i think I would have remembered if I bought one of those dont you?

Smelt like someone was having a bonfire made out of tea bags here earlier, not sure wtf that was about!:confused

…not if James snuck in and put it in your house! :eek

I think you need security cameras and alarms that sound like ferocious dogs barking!

hmm not sure pony but i love chicken! lol

omg that would be kinda good. kinda VERY good.
you know, that would just make me hungry for chicken… not that i’m not hungry for chicken already. I just hope that there’s no zuccini on the side :yuk

you know what a bonfire made of teabags smells like? that is really concerning