I so do love stupid people

so umm i checked my myspace today just for the hell of it…and i found this in my in box

"its nice to know whom your friends are its good to know you had aided in spencer trying to cheat on me

i left him i am not even in ct any more i moved up to springfeild mass to be with the love of my life so have fun"

um this was from a girl i havent talked to in over 2 years…And when i last did I told her I wouldnt be going to hang out at her house again cause of her boyfriend (spencer) She got pissed cause I didnt want to be around him lol…and i have no freaking clue what the hell shes talking about with the message here. Um yeah! Stupid person! just thought id share :tongue:

bleh, massachusettes and conneticut people.

hey hey now there :tongue: i’m not bad and i’m a connecticut person :tongue:

I’m probably rude and simple minded but I would tell her to go fuck herself and then block her.:slight_smile:

+1 on that

hehe did it already…kinda also told her to grow up i had more important things to worry about than her

Tell her to shut her penis holster.

A swift kick to the nether regions should do the trick

damn song just got stuck in my head
everbody knows that the world is filled with stupid people

there are some people that have nothing better to do with their time. I know plenty of them. And yeah, you pretty much did the right thing.