I sold my Fox


and I’m a little sad. I almost called the sell off this morning.
But I DID GET what I wanted for it… like I said I would, so I’m happy.
It will be time for something else after my hardwood floors in the house.
Don’t hate me if I cross over to the other side!


No one will hate you… cross over to the slow side. It’s Lonely over here. :booze


Well I’m on a slow side right now… my DD has been my '97 Wrangler (2inch lift, 31" MTs). It’s slow as shit… but I still have my Vulcan; it will move pretty good. I’m debating my options for the next ride (prob next winter)… My dad’s into Vettes (Silver Aniv. with 32G on it… bought it new in '78) So we’re browsing early 90’s verts.


that sucks!! noone will hate you over here! :slight_smile: