I surrender to Jugador


Not that anyone cares but, I felt like dedicated a thread to my surrendering of the minesweeper title forever. Jugador is a god… we went back and forth swapping first place…

I thought my 100 seconds was going to be good for a while then he bent me over… :humpnana. Now he’s at 92 seconds and i think im just going to quit with my 100. I dont think anyone else on this board has a chance at taking it off of him considering the next best time is a minute over mine.

Everyone bow to jugador. :kneel




One time when I was trying to help Jug with a career path, I asked him, what he was good at and really enjoyed. He told me mind sweep and that he is the best player in town and possibly the world. (not in those exact words) I just laughed and said lets be serious. Now I know the poor kid was being serious.
So Juggy wasn’t lying when he said he is the king of mind sweep.


“You guys are retarded.”

-Napoleon Dynamite


That’s what you get for being 15 and having time to spend


:boozie <----- I just wanted to use that.


for the record, i beat my old record again


for the record, we use to call CD’s records. http://www.joehayes.org/forums/images/smiles/smiley24.gif


When Juggy didnt swallow I was pissed toooooo :lol


we called them 8 tracks for awhile too. :booze


Jug is a fuckin freak at minesweeper


bwahahaha beat my record again bishesssss