I walked almost 10 kms today

and im bloody tired… so tired i couldnt be bothered getting out of my chair and dragging my ass to bed knowing its gonna be a little chilly and blegh

/vent over


Hey after reading three chapters completing two sections in the module im working on and finishing my first assessment for the term, plus sorting out the kids making dinner, doing washing cleaning the house and washing up im flat out exhausted lol its alot for me :frowning:

Good for you, hun!

i wonder how far i walk when im working… i think i shall invest in a pedometer…

Here’s an online one ------> Gmaps Pedometer

It starts out in the US, but you can put your city in the"Jump to" box. It measures miles or kilometers. There’s an link for instructions on how to use it.

Way to go, Kate! :slight_smile:

I know exactly how you feel, I probably walk that on a daily work day basis.