I Want to Go to Spring

*when my daughter was 3 years old, she ask me what Spring, (the season), was; I told her and she said to me that she wanted “to go to Spring.”

I Want to Go to Spring (copyright 2001 under Charmer’s real name)

Today I looked up
looked up to the sky
looked all around
to see life opening my eyes
Wandered this way,
this way and that
took time to think,
think where I sat
heard a voice say,
say that I want,
looked up and heard,
I heard…

My daughter say
I want to go to Spring (I want)
I want to do everything (I want)
to watch the flowers bloom (I want)
to dance with the wind
and sing again…
with a smile on my face (I want)
I want to fill this space…
with love

I started to stand,
but my daughter said no,
let’s sit here awhile
and watch the show
Let’s talk about things
and what’s going on
Watch the birds fly
as they’re singing their song

So we sat and we watched
and as we watched, we smiled,
then turned toward each other
realizing, hey, it’s been awhile
since we had a heart to heart
and so, like the start of the new season
it was a great time to start

Everyone should have a day like this everyday.

Have to love Kids, They Know how to open our eyes and our hearts