I was so freaked out


I got off work tonight at 9 and I had to go to Wal mart to get some diapers. So Im driving in the parking lot and I pass by this guy that works there (I knew that b/c he had on a blue Walmart vest) and I found a parking spot. I noticed that when I got inside I kept seeing him everyoen I went. So, I went and paid for the diapers and was walking out to my car and I noticed he is still following me. By this time, I am getting really freaked out and I am starting to shake. I make it to my car and get in and lock my doors and back up and start to leave and I notice he’s still walking across the parking lot, so as I was driving by, I cracked my window a little and asked him what his problem was and he ignored me. So, I asked him again only a little louder and he looks up at me and mumbles, “Oh, I thought I saw a shadow in your car, it looked like a demon.” Oh My Gosh!!! What a freakin psycho! I like floored the gas pedal all the way down and got the hell outta there!


Which wally world???


The one is Malvern. I had to meet his Aunt Vickie there to get Cameron.


Oh, I was at the Albert Pike one @ 9. juss wonderin. Where is boss??? Do you remember what he looked like?


LMAO… wow… yeah he was psycho.


Re: RE: I was so freaked out

He’s working on his stupid derby car! Not to sound racist or anything but all I can recall is that he was a tall black guy that had dreads.


I’ve seen him there before. I don’t dig that shit. :wtf


That is freaky!!! :o


I would call his boss on him and say that the dude was harrassing you.