I won 10k in a beatbox competition...video here




WOW!!! Was that really you?


if thats you, i am going to hire you to do some beatboxing at my b-day party next week…


I didnt beatbox the harmonica…I played the harmonica and beatboxed at the same time.


here is an older demo video.



i just saw the second one (couldnt get to the first from here) that was cool - how do you make the sounds while talking though? are you using the consonants of the words to geenrate the sounds? or are you doing two things at once


dude thats a fookin riot :rock


Re: RE: I won 10k in a beatbox competition…video here…

Use this link then…


Damn! Both of those vids rocked! It’s funny because when I teach people to sing and play guitar at the same time, that is an exercise I ask them to do when they are just sitting around doing nothing. Not quite like that, but similar. I have them snap their fingers at one tempo while humming and clacking their tongue at a differant tempo. It was taught to me at a very young age and it helped me to be able to shred on my guitar and sing at the same time.


You are awesome hells GT!!!


Heres my last video from 4 years ago…quality is not that good, it was at a local nightclub with another guy that i beat box with named andrew. However you should find it entertaining, if you liked the others


im at the left at start of video.


:laughing That was RAD!


thats some good stuff man :rock


I’m tellin ya dude I’ve watched that shit like 10 times now, haha I might use it for my next burnout veedeo :hump


sweet man…lemme know if you do! id love to see it.


which ones your fav?


I love the jam on the harp, myself. :rock


I like the first one the best too :rock


yea the harmonica


man i feel special, im posting in the same thread as Md and HRnB!! Two admins in the same thread, crazy!