Idea for getting more members


Ok, We need to get some more members… Joe wants the site to grow more… If everyone can add… []( (dont use the code part) and put it in your sigs at other sites, that may help us grow. For who ever uses that (up there) in your sig at other sites, I will award you 200 tokens. :slight_smile: Also remember, that you will get 100 token for anyone that joins because of you. :slight_smile:


That reminds me did i get any tokens for the signing of miss stangtang? holds out hand :smiley:


im not sure… but ill give them to you now. :slight_smile:


bling bling, sorry im drawing a blank about finding new members, the banners sound like a good way,but whats the member count on offtopics?


i think we have 164 members or something like that. He thinks the more members we have here, the more members we have at his new site. :slight_smile: And he wants that site to have a million! lol :slight_smile:


nice im up for it!

ill gelp out as much as i can woot woot :banana


DAMN! thats a big goal. but no doubt i agree. this site is great and will definitely counter effect but thats also a very good thing to have two great sites!


I’ll put it in my sig, but I can’t have pictures in my sig on Hondaswap.


I can’t either at Mach1registry :dunno


Just put a link to it, I’m sure they can’t object to that.


I need Vs to make the link for me. I’m too lazy. :smiley:


I’ll put that web address in my sig at corral, does that count we aren’t allowed to have pics. I can make it stand out though!!


got you covered V


Re: RE: Idea for getting more members…

just make sure joe aint around …


lol… Whoever does it, just PM me and let me know that you have and I will send you the tokens. :slight_smile: Also remember to let me know when someone joins because of you

Yes, a millon is alot… I know he wont get that many LOL… But he just wants to have alot of members and I do think it will be a counter effect from this site to that site. :slight_smile:

We are gonna soon have a new front page, kindof like’s so we will have an area for links… SO I am gonna try to trade links with a few sites and see what happens.


awesome sounds great guys




go to the announcements area and the token tavern and it tells you there :slight_smile:


Re: RE: Idea for getting more members…

You buy internet hookers with them. :o


Re: RE: Idea for getting more members…

You buy internet hookers with them. :o[/quote]

you spending the night down here tomorrow night rach?

just kidding, you arent like that… at least… that i can tell…