Ideal Government Talk


So this is where I’d like people to post their arguments and such, thank you.

Ideal Government

Ngl the 2 topics thing seems confusing. I mean it might work so I’ll humour you.

How many times do you need to put free in the name of the state? In my experience those countries with adjectives in the name tend to be the opposite: DPRK, USA, PRC as a number of examples.

I have no idea what a Columbine is and I thought a raccoon was something that ate out of bins?

Why not be slightly more aspirational in those? I’m more passion flower and dolphin but could be persuaded to swap for a dragon - I mean if it’s ideal who needs to stick to real things


Lmao that’s the point. Im weird and I just think it’s funny, so that’s why my ideal state would have that name. Also when I actually get into discussing how i’d like my gov’t to perform, then I’d be able to explain it more.

^just a type of the columbine flower. I think they’re pretty
Also raccoons are exceptionally smart and can be exceptionally dangerous if provoked (when wild ofc).Raccoons are often underestimated, however that can end up being a mistake on the part of the thing doing the underestimating. I remember there was a story about a raccoon who could sweep and ride a bike and such. That’s just one example but, yeah. They’re also my favorite animal.

Sorry lol, I’m just trying to keep the other topic as unconvoluted as possible,so people can just go in and post/ edit their post while going through the minimal amount of posts (I did this because on the propaganda thread post, there we’re times where people got into arguments and ofc i support it but if someone was going just for the images, it can get messy.)


Granted not bad, does it also smell nice? It also looks like it could work well as a logo so solid choice.

I see you have a similar approach to the animal; dolphins are also incredibly smart and some species have been known to be able to communicate cross species, which considering I can’t even communicate with most humans I find incredible.


They don’t really have a smell sadly lol, they’re just nice to look at.

Exactly! I mean, I think sometimes i’m good at communicating with people but yeah. Raccoons are just like the best animal to ever exist. Imo.