Ideal Government


So there’s already a post(or a few) like this but they’re dead so. You don’t have to follow the format to the exact, but this is just to help get started:

Name: (So like U.S.A, the name of the state. I want this to be like the ideal state/government)

Nationals: (So like national flower, anthem, animal, stuff like that)

Government/Economics: (I’m going to leave this up to you guys. I would like you to talk about like how’d you run the economy, how things get decided, how the civil government is decided, diplomacy etc etc)

Also I will create a seperate post for actual debate, because I would like to keep this just for the actual government stuff so people can easily come back and edit their stuff as they go along. So if you want to talk to somebody about something they posted please put it on that post. The link is : Ideal Government Talk


So for mine

Name: Free People’s Free Progressive Liberal Democratic Parliament of Free North America

National Flower: Columbine
National Animal: Raccoon
National Sport: Figure Skating

Government: Parliamentary Style Autocracy. Multiparty unicameral house (still deciding on whether amout of members is progressive or fixed) named the House of Delegates. President is elected by most votes, so if two parties get say 100 out of 500 votes for their choice, but all the other parties get less, then that leader is chosen. The leader can only be deposed by a 97% vote of the House. Only people who are 18+ and have an IQ of 125+ can vote in the government. The house can propose bills to the President and vice versa. A bill by the president can be passed with majority vote (so if 501 voted yes and 499 voted no, the bill passes).

Economics: Heavily Regulated Capitalism. Basically I want to create like “corporations” of the leaders of employer and trade unions. Everyone must be apart of one or the other (which would be described to which group you belong) and the leaders would be elected through universal suffrage. So everyone gets a vote in who becomes leader of their union. The leaders will then meet and have to decide what happens within their corporation. (Think of Mussolini’s corporate states, so like corporation of agriculture, manufacturing etc etc.) The President can only interefere in domestic matters with 60% approval from the House of Delegates. The President has total control over all foreign trade though.

Diplomacy: Sort-of imperialistic. If we need the resources of the nation, then as long as we help build their infrastructure/improve their schooling/ give them military help then that’s fine. With nations of equal power then we do what we need to do try to and avoid nuclear war, but not be a pushover. No appeasement.

Immigrationg: Immigration quotas and they must learn the main language, but as long as they obey all the laws then they are essentially good.


Name: Tarwin
National flower: passion flower
National animal: bottle nosed dolphin
National bird: lovebird
Government: technocracy
Economy: soft capitalist or capitalist/welfare hybrid
Diplomatic: follow the rules based international economic system (Rubies for short), cooperation is key


Name: United States of America

Nationals Animal: Eagle
National Anthem: Battle Hymn of the Republic

Government: Constitutional Stratocracy Republic
Economic Policy: Regulated Capitalism.
Foreign Policy: Imperialist.


Name: Eurafrican Commonwealth (North Africa and Europe)

National animal: Wolf

National bird: White eagle

Government: Constitutional Monarchic Republic (directly elected legislative branch, monarch elected by regency council)

Economic Policy: Regulated Capitalism

Domestic Policy: Libertarian

Foreign Policy: Diplomatic

Welfare policy: No public housing, unemployment or poverty welfare. UBI (one UBI per household or citizen, depending on whichever works better), social security, and medicare are only forms of welfare. Basic services (infrastructure, environmental regulation, education, etc.) are also paid for publicly.

Immigration: Mostly open, will take refugees when necessary but workers, students, and/or asylumees are preferable


Name: CANZAC Union

National Flower: Maple Leaf

National Anthem: The Maple Leaf Forever

National Animal: Beaver

Government: Bicameral democracy with digital elections, a directly democratically elected upper House of Commons, and a parliamentary elected lower Senate. Through digital voting, the common populous has the option to vote on bills being passed, but it is not a necessity.

Economic Policy: Low corporate taxation, low regulation, progressive income taxation, main way to promote industry is through tax cuts.

Domestic Policy: Libertarian.

Foreign Policy: Mediator with mild foreign intervention, but as a neutral power.

Immigration: Mostly open


Its beautiful…


There is no ideal government, it’s a corrupt institution which should be abolished. However if I had to pick a government it would be this:

The Constitutional Republic of Britain
National animal: Wolf
National bird: Raven
National flower: Lotus
National anthem: This Charming Man by The Smiths

Economic policy: Decentralised trade unionist socialism.
Domestic policy: Libertarian
Foreign policy: Generally non-interventionist, with certain exceptions.
Constitutional policy: Proportional representation, no monarchy and an elected House of Lords.
Immigration policy: Open borders.