I was coming home from my sisters house after watching the fireworks a few minutes ago.

I’m sitting at the light at Coliseum and State Blvd when the left turn goes green, the entire line of cars gets through and then here comes this green 91-96 Escort Wagon with a GMC SUV behind it hauling ass.

The light turns yellow, then red. The Escort decides to wait… and apparently the fucking moron in the GMC wasn’t paying attention. Last second he slams on the brakes and slides to within 5 feet of the Escort who was already over the white stopping line.

Why do people do that? Whenever I’ve torn ass to get through a yellow left signal it’s NEVER been directly behind someone in a 4000 lb vehicle with under-engineered brakes. Or, at all for that matter.

Traffic was backed up and they were impatient I guess from all the traffic leaving the lots after the fireworks show. But I’d rather make it home with an entire car over getting home 3 minutes sooner. Wouldn’t you?

No wonder Ft Wayne was voted the dumbest City in America.


lol… i agree though. I have once almost hit someone from behind because they didnt continue threw like they let on… BUT i was still able to stop and didnt hit him.

People are so damn impatiant nowadays.


when i get back from running a coupla errands, ill tell you about this idiot in a white camaro :rofl


so what happened was we was a red light…

light turns green

i go, he goes

i go to speed limit and cuise…

he goes a good clip faster…

hes got some air shover… you could here it

the bad thing is, the engine sounded like it was about to go… to pieces :rofl

i think he rpm’d way too high, and the air shover was shoving more and more…lol

sorta like he knew how to spend the money, but not how to spend it wisely (eg: tune up + driving lessons )