Idiot alert

i just put bread in the toaster… waited on it to pop for so long that when it finally did i shit a brick

lmao hahahahahahaha i can relate to you hahahahahahahahahaha omg thats funny! reppage

so… you are scared by bread travelling fast upwards?:24::jk

its not natural!!

Poor Pinky…must have been startling…are you alright now? Do you need to talk about it?

ok…ok…ok i just wiped the tears from my eyes cause i was laughing so hard!!! poor baby, gave you some rep though

it actully hurt… i felt the strain as it skipped a beat and almost flew out of my chest.

by that i meant my heart…

i think i do need therapy… im clearly just a bag of nerves!

I’m dying laughing too.

does no 1 else do this?

apart from mystic… but we all know shes a bit odd anyway lol

Nope! With our toaster though, if you forget the toast, you’re reminded by the smoke alarm soon enough.

LOL i have my toaster set low… cos i like pretty much just warm bread… so i always wait on it… cos i have to put my topping on while its still really hot… otherwise it has to go int he bin and i start again… thats y i watch it… till it pops and then i get a fright…

too funny

I’ve done that so many effing times. I’m jumpy… what can I say? :smiley:

im really skittish… i watch a film…and i can hear the tense music… i know its coming… im bracing my self… and i STILL get a fright!!.. even if i have seen the movie b4 and know whats coming!

i think that toasters should come with a warning beep… to let you know when its about to pop… thus saving me from heart failure…

Hehe! Remind me never to watch a horror flick with you :wink:

I do it all the time too…

Also when the microwave beeps! I jump… I am very easily startled!:surrender:willy_nilly: