If the loan goes through


shes’ mine…

the funny thing is i was just going to post a sale for him and i ended up applying for a loan. the cool thing is that my insurance will go down $200.00 and some change…

don’t let the cobra badges fool you… they will come off if and when i get the car

**edit: good link



got to register sorry


damnit!!! roger that ten six niner… i will have to adapt, overcome, and improvise… stand by for further instruction



here we go


:woot :woot

you know what, mf isn’t so bad after all…


i got the loan in 2 hours… :woohoo :woot :woohoo :woot

he wants 5k for it, i am trying to get him down to 4500


good luck d00d! :gears


looks pretty sweet!! :slight_smile: congrates!!


thanks yall!! he still isn’t giving in… he actually is trying to sell it for $6000. thats way over priced for that car… blue book is $2500 in excellent condition… i’m trying to tell him hes not going to get that much and that i will take it from him today… he said give it till monday and if he hasn’t had anyone bite, its mine for $4500… i told him to bring the title into work on monday… lol

i need a daily driver damnit!!!



shes a little older than my other one and not as fast, but she can still gallop like a champ…


awsome congrats dude!


thanks bro… i bought it for a DD, and i am going to try to keep it that way… everyone i have talked to keeps saying they are giving me month before i start modding it… i say no now, but deep down i know its going to happen…


the 00 is going in her stall for awhile… my plans are to build an aluminum N/A high compression setup. i am also gutting, cutting, breaking, ripping, welding, and whatever else i can do to get it up to par with these other N/A freaks… i will take pics and keep everyone posted


sweet. good luck with the new stang :rock


WOW Wht i like that its cool I wish i could find one like that around here … I had a sweet 87 black trunk and they are so fun to work on and play with :banana :banana


thanks yall!! there is still some things i have to do to it… i am going to make it a comfortable DD… hopefully i can stay away from the performance upgrades till i get the 00 done…


I wish I had a fox :bow


Wht youlll lose that bet /////// But im still gona ask Can You Do It :banana :banana :banana :smiley: