If you could go back

…to any year of your life, when would it be and why?

last summer. i had a good relationship, with lots of freedom and dance dance revolution and food. plus i was taking some interesting classes meeting interesting people.

1997/1998 I want another crack at wrestling the state champ

I dunno. The year I got my first credit card. I’d cut it up and have never used it.

The year I got my first car, so I can shoot the salesman in the knee cap.

I’d go back 2 years so I can meet my wife all over again.

The most recent year would be 1998:

…right before the company I was at for 12 years went down the drain. I would have formulated a back-up plan so I wouldn’t be hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt as I am now…

i guess around 1980 :wink:

that was a good year

Any year except 2006 :slight_smile:

I would go back to the 90’s enough said.


I would have to say 99 so I could start college over again knowing what I know now(how to study)

I like the kindergarten days.

I wouldn’t go back to any time. Things might have been better in someways back then but I didn’t know as much, my relationship with my wife was never this strong and in the last couple of years for the first time in my life I’ve managed to say “fuck you! stay out of my business and life” to a few people who need it said too!:slight_smile:

i thought you’d like that year.:wink:

1997 / 1998 - class music scene, club scene and not a worry in the world.

Parties, drink, drugs, good looking girls and a lot of hangovers…

Was a great couple of years