If you had the chance


If you were given the chance to pilot a old school digger (front engine dragster) down the 1/4 would you do it??? I dunno myself, I love diggers, but they can turn ugly really fast. My uncle used to race a digger with a 392 Hemi, GMC roots blower w/ a cragar blower drive enderle mechanical injection and some other shizz that makes me drool. He said you sat right on top of the rearend and it would burn your ass by the time you got to the return road. Also he said most of the 1/4 was sideways or fishtailing, you really had to muscle those cars around.

What do you think?


Id do it just for the experience. I mean, you could always turn loose of the throttle if it got too hairy.


I think thats where my problem would be. I would be having a blast gettin it sideways and end up hitting the rail or rolling it. :dunno I’m weird like that.


why not just take it to an airport that was scheduled to not have any landings… that way you wouldnt cruch up on the rail…

that would be fun :banana :gears :gears