If you had to choose


which would be harder for you to give up: Chocolate or Coffee?

Defintely chocolate for me.


i dont drink coffee or eat chocolate. i think it would be harder to give up gatorade


i guess coffee since i dont drink it. But on a related note, i used to drink pop like crazy… i mean 6-8 cans of Mt Dew a day was nothing. Cafine galore. About 3-4 months ago i quit cold turkey. I had headaches at first, but now i’m glad i did it :smiley:


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see my previous post… Now i drink gatoraid like crazy. I got through about 5 gallons a week if not more. 1.67 at walmart for a gallon tho :banana


i know, gatorade is cheap and healthy


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:agree but gatorade with vodka


I’ll give up chocolate a long time before coffee, and I only drink coffee when it’s cold out.


I dont drink coffee :booze so its gota be snickers




Ice cream!


I could never give up chocolate, but I can easily replace coffee with tea.



Thats a tough one…love my coffee…but LOVE my chocolate!!!


Chocolate. I don’t like coffee :barf


Coffee is for fags…


Choc-o-late is still pink in the middle :smiley:


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Eeeeeewie! Red has teh Jungle feeeber! http://www.offtopicz.com/forums/smilies_mod/upload/3c3f3265e052efcbf68440edc17dbf2c.gif


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I had that before.