If You Have Any Poo Fling it Now


Did you get your user name off the movie Madagascar? Just curious.


:lol :lol


Im sitting here watching that movie and I heard those 2 monkeys say it and I realized that I had seen someone on here with that user name. :lol


yeah i believe he did. lemon and him were talking about that movie when i asked them what they were talking about


I hate those lame ass animated kid’s films. They just don’t appeal to me. The only one I’ve ever liked was Ice Age and that’s pretty much it.


there not lame ass, ya just need to grow down a little :booze


I love those kind of movies! Of course I enjoy watching them with my kids and seeing them rolling on the floor from laughing so hard at them. :lol
Have you seen Robots? I have to say that movie is down right hilarious. funniest one I have seen so far!


it was a pretty funny movie, stuff like the medical jokes and the stuff were for older people to. i thnk they did a good job


i bought madagascar for my kids and I dont think they have stopped watching it… LOL… Between that movie and herbie, I want to shoot myself! lol


i like em too - did you guys see robots? it came out last year i think.

also theres one coming out about cars which i may or may not want to see.

but yeah i likepretty much all of them - robots, ice age (ice age 2 is coming out too, btw), mosters inc, etc…