I'll give you three guesses


To figure out what this car is.

Yes, it’s a Ford. What kind though?

Basically if I had money, this would have been imported to the states years ago.


what the hell!!


it should be blown up thats about all I can think of


Re: RE: I’ll give you three guesses.

What what hell?

lol Make a guess! Badass car… AWD, 300 hp… YUMMY.


looks like the cosworth Rs or something close to that. when i first saw that wing that was my guess




there is no way in hell that is an escort. thats got to be some over seas car or something. didnt focus replace the escort so im guessing a focus rs. im prewtty sure they dont make escorts anymore


hey im just going by what the pic is called… :dunno


yeah i know. maybe its older than it looks and it is an escort. by the way it looks it looks brand new.


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Fucking cheater. :fu

It’s a European Escort Cosworth. It used to be Ford’s street legal version of the WRC rally car before it was replaced by the Focus WRC rally car.


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Fucking cheater. :fu


sorry, i couldnt help it. its an interesting looking car though. dont really dig the wing though.


that wing is actually functional. the car is AWD and turbochraged and did REALLY well in the WRC series. i would so love to have one. as far i know (well what i heard) is that there are only 2 owned by private US citizens. one is in Ohio and the other is in Washington state. funny thing is you can get em in Canada. i wanty one really really really bad.


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i never said it was or wasnt functional, just not pretty :smiley:


that wing stood out on the car to me and the reason i knew it was a cosworth but i had no idea it was a escort. hey Si is that directly from ford and is just the name or is that like a company like saleen making a version of the mustang?


It’s clearly an escort, you can tell from the quarter glass to the trunk.


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It’s a Ford Escort, but the engine, drivetrain and body pieces are installed by Cosworth.


the wide but short oval around the grille gave it away as an escort


lol how? US Escorts didn’t come with an oval grille.



woot i win :banana


Ok… Like I said, no US Escorts come with an oval grille. That doesn’t encompass the entire grille. Nevermind the fact that the grille on the Cosworth is a Cosworth addition.