Illinois lotto draws 666 day after Obama wins


[quote=“RecklessTim, post: 886790”]I just checked that site and it also shows that 666 hit on these dates in 2008
now lets go back and see what’s important about those dates… where was Bush?[/quote]


it’s still not as coincidental as the day after Obama wins though…


Freaky shit!


[quote=“pianoman49, post: 886771”]On Novemeber 5th, 2008, the day after election day, the Illinois pick three lottery numbers were 6-6-6. No lie. You can check it out here…

Illinois Lottery - Numbers & Jackpots

click on “past winning numbers,” then go to 2008, and go down till you find 11/5/08 evening pick three.

Obama is Illinois’s senator.
It happened the day after the election.
Now, assuming that there is indeed some higher being called God, and assuming you believe in the antichrist, you should all take the time to consider the strong possibility that this man is it.[/quote]

Finally proof! Forgive me valley and Jesus: save us! :eek

Everybody that voted for him are the devil’s imps!

I’m so fucking shocked I could shit! :mad


At how many bucks a head? Neat scam! I should find me some of that old time religion and start me a sect! :wink:


It’s pretty sad… I agree with you there.


Yep the country is going to shit… thats just a small reminder of many to come… haha


That’s trippy. I’m surprised I haven’t heard more about it. Every other negative association with Obama seems to get blown out of proportion LOL


Yes; we may disagree about religion but I don’t think people that honestly believe should be lumped together with these charlatans who’s only purpose is to separate a person in spiritual need from their money.


Hi, you’re right. Obama’s the Antichrist, there’s no doubt possible.


I think definitely Obama’s the Antichrist.


Hi, ten years later…I think that ten years after Obama was first elected it’s indisputable that he leaves behind a legacy that enables to see he was/is the Antichrist.

His gay life-style, the mass killing in the Arab Spring, make him the “False Man of Peace”, the “Great Deceiver” and “Man from Nowhere” are the Antichrist’s names which fit Obama’s lack of birth certificate.

I have access to his cousin in Kansas who says she witnessed his birth there and knows his real name;: Barry Parks. I have tons of information I’ve collected patiently all those years waiting for my moment to reveal it all.

This will all reveal the Messiah, and provoke his Coming, that’s certain.


Very interesting. So now, ten years later, I’m sure at least half have changed mind about Obama and now say he’s the Antichrist.
He tripled the debt and has no birth certificate. He’s the extreme of hatred and trickery. His grandfather is known by the Obama family itself to be a CIA operative. Obama’s the epitome, = the extreme example of deceit.


Ten years later.
What did you say? lol!
Seriously, I think Obama’s the Antichrist, don’t you?

There’s no chance that 666 be drawn the first day of Obama as POTUS and it be drawn in his home town’s lottery.

It must be a heaven-sent miracle that cursed Obama. There cannot be a rational explanation except to accept that it’s a miracle. Admit it! ROFLMAO! I can see the liberals getting ready to writhe in pain on this thingie! Sorry! It’s just unavoidable that Obama 100% fits the bill to be the Antichrist in the Bible. (and that’s saying something! I’m not even a dam Christian!!! I’m Buddhist.) It can’t be avoided!


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