I'm a grandma!


My female hamster Ember had 6 friggin’ babies at like four o’clock this morning! They are TOO CUTE! Little, hairless, pink, inch-long babies! I’ll get pictures of the hams as soon as Ember gets off of them. I just want to squeeze them! I’m so proud. :rock



congrats :rock


Put them in a bag and tie it up and throw in in a lake. :smiley:


i have a hungry red tailed boa that would love a late night snack… :smiley:

Kidding, i swear!!!


awe!! congrates!


Ewww!!! ::cringe:: Congrats…I guess….LoL!!


Poor Petey was reduced to a temporary Rubbermaid locker. You can tell he was mad at me. His food was all dumped out and he wouldn’t even look at me for a picture. He hates me now. Here are the babies!


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Maybe another day.


You have my full attention.


congratulations but those things are just creepy. it looks like a bunch of amputated chubby little fingers…like bacon’s. :smiley:


well ya know…wait a minute :tard :dunno


Hairless pink is the best pink.


So are you going to keep all the little rascals or give them away? That’s alot of’m.


Hum there Cute ( i think hehehehehe ) but a realy grand ma heheheheh ( i do understand since i am a real one )


Hairless pink is the best pink.


So are you going to keep all the little rascals or give them away? That’s alot of’m.[/quote]

I have no idea. I went out and bought another $30 cage about 2 hours ago so I could put Petey in it. Once the hamsters are old enough to be separated from Ember, I’m stickin all the males in one cage, and all the females in another. I can’t have them sprouting inbred babies in a few months. I hope all 6 babies survive. I may give a few of them away, but I want to keep at least 2.


I heard that mother hampsters eat some of thier kids someitems?



I think philly is right


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Word. They’re… really nasty looking. lol.

:barf :barf :barf

But, congrats on being a grandmommy.


I use to want a hamster when I was little, but, now, NO WAY! The thought of them escaping and being lost in the house creeps me out.
But I know you’re excited so I wont try to ruin your excitement. Congratulations though! :smiley:


kinda miss having a few of those around the house now. they were the coolest thing in the world to have as a kid. i used to have a siberian dwarf hamster named MR. JINGLES after the mouse from the green mile :smiley:


Yes, Philly. It’s true. Which is why I bought another cage today. I remember my first hamster’s name was M.C. as in M.C. Hamster, and he was the best thing ever. I hope one of the babies looks like he did. If anyone has any names they want to recommend, hook me up. We’re almost at a loss for them.