I'm Back




As I was writing my response, I was thinking you’d reply with something along those lines :smiley:


Am I really that predictable? :frowning:


Only as predictable as any other lefty :wink: (offence meant to everyone offended by that)




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Grr :rage:



Yo, welcome back, dude. We almost ended up going to the same uni with the same course in September. I firmed Warwick for Pol&IR, but then I swapped it to Bristol a week later :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s nice to have one of the old members back.


Yeah, that’s me. Unfortunately for you, I’m not a libertarian anymore. My current ideology today is best described as 19th century radicalism (more specifically, I’d say it’s about 70% classical liberalism and 30% social liberalism, think Laws/Browne-style Orange-Booker, or a bolder version of Osborne). Furthermore, we also have huge differences in terms of the EU referendum (I’m a strong supporter of remain, and you’re a staunch advocate for leave). However, I am probably going to support Gary Johnson for US president.

Nevertheless, welcome back @lordtutton it’s great to see you back!


Another libertarian turned effective conservative. Another job well done.