I'm Back



I’m Back! Just finished my last exam (hopefully) in Secondary School - C4 Edexcel Maths.

Glad for the EU Referendum result, disappointed in both campaigns and looking forward to a more prosperous future. I really reflected on my opinions during the campaign, almost switched sides, but I am glad to have sent a powerful message to Brussels and to the world - “Britain stands strong.”

As for the US Presidential Nominees, I wasn’t surprised at all with Clinton or Trump. I expect a landslide Hillary victory, but anything is possible with Americans. I do expect a number of Bernie voters to go to Trump too, with the anti-establishment vote. Not surprising to see Trump renege on his promises, and to actually be a lot more moderate than original thought.


Welcome back! If you have any questions or anything about this new layout, just shoot me a message. :slight_smile:


Welcome back! :slight_smile:

Although I disagree with Trump winning in a landslide, unless there is a huge surprise right before the election I think Hillary will slightly edge it.


Oh crap. I meant Hillary. Don’t know what I was thinking lmao.


Welcome back. Hope you enjoy your time here.


Welcome back!