I'm back


Hey everybody. I’m pretty sure many people, or at least a few people were surprised to see my sudden departure with no goodbye to any of you. For that, my first order of business is saying sorry. To everyone. My only defense is that things got crazy back home which I hope to explain my journey from there to coming back.

I can’t even remember when I left because it was so long ago, but at the time, depression was definitely what was driving most of my actions. Mostly because of the dysphoria but also my friends were beginning to turn on me. But then I went to one therapy session and I guess I felt better, but I was still definitely depressed.

Then, I figured out they I was going to an arts camp in upstate New York. It’s called Long Lake Camp for the Arts. It’s probably the thing that saved my life. I wad so excited to go. On the way up I listened to show tunes and sang along. When I arrived I was greeted by a crowd of happy counselors and quickly got situated into my bunk. I decided to tear down my walls and quickly got introduced to my bunk mates and many more.

While I was there, I did a show you might have heard of: Spamalot. I was Lancelot, my first lead in a long time.

Outside of the show, I participated in rock bands and played in five bands in the first three weeks. Socially, I was actually popular. I had friends that liked me back for the first time in a while. One girl stuck out in particular. Her name is Logan. We started dating July 3. She’s going to Interlochen which is for hours from my house, so we’re doing long distance right now until we can visit each other fairly regularly. She quickly made me one of the happiest people in the world.

The end of the three weeks was coming up. The camp is set up in the sessions of three weeks, and you can stay 1, 2, or 3 sessions. I was originally planning on staying the first session only, but the combination of me loving the place and loving Logan made me beg my parents to let me stay.

They came up at the end of the first session for parents weekend and talked to one of the camp directors, who gave me a discount from 5900, the usual price for one session, to 2500. So I got to stay another three weeks. I got even more friends and more time with Logan and starred in a second show. I was Lucas in The Addams Family. A bigger role, but not as good as Gomez.

Camp ended last Saturday. I’ve been talking on Skype with people from camp for the past week. I’m in better shape than I ever gave been in the last year. School starts next Wednesday.

So what brought me back here? @BingoBongoLand followed me on Twitter, which surprised me. I started talking to him and I decided to post this. I’m gonna be on the road tomorrow to go back to Ohio, so I’ll most likely respond to you guys then. But I look forward to being back. Just know I am very out of touch with the current political scene as I have not had Internet for 6 weeks.


welcome back man, even when we disagreed I enjoyed your posts since you never reallyshitposted. glad to have you back.

really glad to hear you’re doing well too, depression is a killer thing and though I luckily haven’t had to deal with it I’ve been around people that have and it’s an exhausting thing to have. hope everything works out with Logan.


Nice to see you too Lake! Me and Logan have been skyping everyday. The only that would make it better is being together in person.


Welcome back to the site, glad to hear you’re doing better! :slight_smile:

Things have changed a bit since you’ve been here, but hope you enjoy it, may take a bit to get used to some of the changes :stuck_out_tongue:


I see that. I like the new layout though.


Works a lot better on mobile too if you like to use it on the go :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m using my phone right now lol. I can feel the difference.


hope it happens! sounds like it will :slight_smile:


Omg hi! I thought something awful had happened to you, but I’m so glad that you’re back and doing ok, that’s such a relief!

Please just message me if you want to chat, or if you need help navigating around the new site! :slight_smile:


Welcome back :D! Don’t really know you (I’ve personally only been around 2 months so just around the time you left). Just wanted to say you’re feeling better. Depression is such a hard hole to dig yourself out of and it’s admirable that you did so.


Welcome back, I don’t think we’ve met, so it’s nice to meet you. I hope we can get along in the future!


Welcome back to YD. I would definitely take the time to catch up with current political events, an awful lot has happened in the past 6 weeks.