I'm back


Simply put, after a year-long hiatus and a change from the former Madopow2110 to my new username I’ve returned to YD. I’ll be making some topical posts (hopefully some in-depth analysis of issues) and keeping up with the banter.

For those that haven’t met me, may we have a wild ride.


Welcome back, I distinctly remember you knowing way too much about weapons. :joy:

What ideology do you identify with? Who did you support in the 2016 US election?


I don’t know why but I always associate you with that gay guy from St Louis


Ayyyyyyyy Madison

Welcome back my man

How’s Oz land


Welcome back, hope to see some of that military knowledge around lol


Hard to say as I try to avoid dogma; but I’ll wager saying my moral framework resembles something along the lines of humanism mixed with the rights of the individual.

US Election:
Kasich, then Clinton. That being said I didn’t put too much stock in the presidency due to the composition of the legislature.


Rainy at the moment, could be worse :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d like to think I’ve got more to offer, but I’ll still be around for a good talk on matters of conflict.


I tried to upload a video of me demonstrating maximum degeneracy but this will have to do:


> photo of Admiral Yamamoto
> likes clinton

What? Are you not a militarist/ nationalist?

> humanist

oh god

EDIT: Oh God and you’re white. Are you a weeaboo and why did you decide to be a weeb? (if you aren’t there’s got to be some amazing circumstances)


People can like military figures while not sharing their ideology.


As far as I understand it, Mado here respects the Admiral as an Admiral.


Welcome back mate. It’s great to see a member from the Liberal Party from the old roleplay here :grin:


I don’t​ societies should be any more militarised than they need to and historically large defense budgets are signs of decay. I am something of an imperialist though.

I chose Yamamoto because I respect him and that was pretty much his stance on Japan during the lead up to
WW2 - that they were too hopelessly proud and steeped in arcane tradition to see how terribly unprepared they were to fight the US.


How would you accomplish this without a high military budget?


Now we just need @Conservativej back.


I haven’t been around for a single one of his posts, funny enough.