I'm drunk

Sup? LOL

its only monday…i take it you have tomorrow off?

I wish I was… i wish it were still the weekend.

Spring Break?

Hey Elsa

I am not drunk, but will hopefully be a little buzzed soon :ninja

Hiya - what’d you drink?

hiya PJ :slight_smile:

i’d like a glass of strawberry wine with 7-up in it right, if i had either. but instead i’ll stick to my water.

No, I wish. I gotta be at the VA at 0700. :yuk

The VA, and with a hangover. What are you thinking, man! :smiley:

…ok guys whats a VA? :ninja

I’m not ahahahahaahha.

Veterans Affairs. AkA the “Vet Hospital”. I’m an OEF Veteran. I served in the Air Force for 8 yrs and separated as a Staff Sergeant.

Well, I won’t ketchup to you, but I’m a drinkin as well - - -CHEERS!

LOL I only had one beer tonight. Budlight with green olives. MMMM


Do you want me to take advantage of you? :ninja

oOooOh i see…:D:thumbup

Oooh a drunk boy… Ladies, let’s pile on the rabbit.


WOOT lol.