Im finally back!


Hey everyone. Its Casper. I’ll be here every once in a while to do some posting. Cant wait for Modded to start up… anyone know how long? But for now i’ll be at 2 different Mustang sites… MF drove me insane with the stupitidy. ( some people alot mods.) :fu


welcome back dude. i saw your exit at MF and the mods were harsh and mean and didnt give a shit… i hope MM is up soon as well. it has a lot of great features. dont be a stranger to either MM or here man


Yeah i wanted to let all the people who actually valued my opinions there ( which is a hella lot. lol. ) and just wanted to let them know i was leaving. And yea… the MODS were the only fuckers who had anytihng bad to say. But hey… i got alot of people to open up and say they were on their way out as well. lol. Maybe it will make them think with all these people leaving… they should smarten up and make some real decisions. Then again… maybe not. They could be hard in their shitty ways and stay the same. I contacted a MOD that i absoulty liked alot… but i guess i got no where with him either. Thats ok… im out for good. I’ve already gotten a bunch of emails asking me back… but it wont happen. And no need to worry i wont be a stranger here or when it opens. I’ll be there alot.



Ya bro, welcome back. Don’t be a stranger.


Wow, thanks Steed…i guess i havent talked to you in sometime… PC huh. good for you. How much do you put out with the addition? And do you think youre gonna keep 8psi for a while. Or bump it. I know a few people with machs ( turbo) and they dont hold up so well at high boost. lol.


Re: RE: Im finally back!

Yeah, long time no talky! lol!

putting 455 to the wheels and I will bump it to 10 psi, but that’s it. Working on the suspension for now, she spins like a hooker getting away from the cops on Franklin street!!! You’re right, with the 10:1 compression ratio, going any more than 10psi is insane. I will work on forging the engine then. She runs real good now. It’s crazy :gears


I bet. I always liked test driving the Machs when they came in. They pull like a LS1. Very fun. Look great as well… Franklin st? lol… we have one of them in my town and its full of welfare whores and dirty lil kids. lol. I bet it is fun… but only rolls. I cant imagin you can hook her up.


Hey Casper. :smiley:


Hey bro. Hows the Civic. Still trying to make due with what you got, or gonna get a car that doesnt have much more hp that youre civic does ( SN-95 GT. lol )


haha i’ve gotta make due with what I have. Had a couple of POS’s toying with me today. I love short gearing.

Anyway, yeah I’m starting a new job and I lost my part time job… soooo I have absolutely no money right now. All I can do is sit and dream.


No more deliverys? Or is that an older job. lol. Yeah dreaming is something everyone does… no matter what you have its neve good enough. I dream all the time… but then i act on it. and break more stuff… BUt oh well. Bigger better things will come. Whats youre new job?


instead of book picking i’ll be killin bugs… yes… i’ll be driving a company truck all day, not spending money. I get commission on products I sell as well.

Another week until i’m done at ingram.


Cool… good luck with that. Not my cup ot tea. But thats ok, it pays the bills right… or some of them. :smiley:


haha I hope so… the place I delivered at closed up shop and didn’t give us any notice so I haven’t worked the past two weekends meaning I’m broke as shit.

I need to call up Pizza Slut and ask if i have a job or if I need to look elsewhere.

Anyway, sorry to whore this up… welcome back, glad to have ya here.


Whoring is ok with me. lol. :hump


hey casp… dont know you so, hey :dunno


yeah dont know you either. But hey! lol… im from Dunno if you ever posted there.


Re: RE: Im finally back!

nope, no postys over at is where i met all these people…


welcome back over…you see there is coming back from the dark side of the force…lol…j/k


Yeah you can come back from the Darkside. lol. :booze