Im having withdrawals

#1 From Bossman. He went out of state for 4 days and Im all alone and lonely. This is making me miserable. We have never been apart this long since we’ve been married and we’ve been married for 8 years. I’ll be glad when Sunday gets here and he gets home.


He’ll be home tomorrow! Yay!!
A little :hump to catch up on! :smiley:


that sucks. :frowning: Sorry. We can keep you company!!!


That would be nice. I finally fell asleep last night @ 4 this morning. I cant sleep when Im alone. Every little noise freaks me out.


same here. It freaks me out too.


Well, just an update. I just got off the phone with Robert(Bossman) and he didnt go to no titty bars while he was in Memphis! What a relief! You dont know how much of a weight is lifted off my chest!


Would it really have been that bad if he went to one? Would it be the fact that he is looking at naked women or that you wouldn’t be able to trust him to behave? I don’t get it, it’s just a form of entertainment…


Hes been to them here in town before. Ive even went with him. Didnt throughly enjoy it that well. I guess its the fact that hes thousands of miles away and anything can happen. It just makes me feel better knowing that hes being faithful to what he told me before he left.


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seems to me that sunday, you need to treat him to something special :hump :hump


Oh yes sirree! Already planned on that. :smiley:


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dayum… have a little more trust in him than that.

Bossman is a great guy. I’ve never had a scrap with him, here there nor anywhere. I don’t believe he’d ever do anything against you or the vows.


if its been 8 years and he has no complants then i don’t see why he would want to throw away something so good for a one knighter.


Okay. I feel really bad now. You 2 do have a point. I never thought of it that way. I guess the only thing I have been thinking about is what somebody at work told me. She said, “well, yall have been married for that long, he will probably more than likely be interested in seeing a diferent naked body” It just floored me. I should have know better though. God, I feel so bad now!


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well, if you want some advice… talk to him about it… tell him before he reads this thread…, but after you :hump :smiley:


When my girlfriend turns 18 next September, we are going to some titty bars. She told me I can go, and that she’ll come with me to if I want. She says she knows I won’t do anything unfaithful, and she’s right. I just wanna see some tits. :smiley: (but I’m not 18 till Feb…)


See, I guess I just dont understand that. You have got the real thing that has tits. Why would you wanna go see someones else tits? I could see if you were single or something.


Well theres not an easy way to explain it really. Lets see…Being a woman I’m sure you like shoes? Well say you have a pair of shoes you really love. Look great, feel great, fit perfect. What more does your foot need? Well you still have the urge to get more shoes or different variaties, even though you are still completely satisfied with what you have.

Best relation I could come up with right off the top of my head.

Seeing my g/f naked is just as much of a turn on now as it has ever been. Shes a sexy girl, and I love her. However, I still get pleasure out of seeing another girl naked. I would never even touch another girl, even if I knew she would never find out. Even if a man has the sexiest woman alive, he will still get turned on when he sees another hottie naked.

If you trust him, I would at least consider allowing him to for this reason… When he gets home, he will be more than horny enough to fuck like a rabbit…it could be good for you :cool


so basicaly what he’s trying to say is a titty bar for guys is like a shoe store for women :tard


really a tity bar is nothing other than men being men, i turn 18 in 3 months and my g/f already told me i can go(its a trudition with my friend when we turn 18 to go to a tity bar). the only thing she had to say is its fine to look but don’t touch or i lose a finger. LOL. Its really nothing you have to worry about. If its been 8 years then he is a happy guy and oviously doesn’t want anyone else.


you know what… I have the same concerns… but its my own fault. My body isnt the same it was when me and joe first met (due to giving birth to 2 children), so when I see naked chick, i feel like joe is more satisfied looking at her then looking at me. :frowning: