I'm Impressed

thats because your cute gina:p

[quote=“Doveshit, post: 599040”]I’m not tryin’ to kiss ass or anything, but since I’ve here, I’ve been really blown away by the welcoming attitude of the forum in general. Noobs (or at least male noobs) usually get treated like intruders in the forums I’ve been to. All the folks who have been around for a couple of years act like they’re some sort of senior class from High School, and anyone who hasn’t been around for three years is some peon who’s only there to be shat on.

Otz as a whole seems to welcome everyone right into the mix, so long as they’re not obnoxious. It’s kind of a nice surprise. So…


That’s very nice to hear Dove. It’s true. OTz does tend to have a welcoming attitude…more so than most I’m sure. We try our best to make it so and it’s really a culture shock when you come here from other forums like you describe and experience it.

We have alot of great people here. :slight_smile:

[quote=“vshayes, post: 599062”]We have alot of great people here. :)[/quote]but we have a beutiful caring boss.

awe :slight_smile: :smiley31:


Holy shit, you went through the archives, dude.

Howdy Carl!

Whoa, hey… :expressionless:

What makes you dig this old thing up?