Im so gonna kill them

Ok so we have a dog grooming place right next door to us…and a huge field past that…so why is it people insist on walking their goddamn digs in the woodchips section right outside my door.

I have already talked to the owners a few months ago about this problem cause every time i go to get food from next door i step in dog shit. Their response was at the time oh we never walk our dogs there we always go to the field…then 2 weeks after that I go outside to see one of the owners walking her dog in front of my house. Her response when i confronted her was oh i have a bag to pick it up…and yet she immediatly walked away to the field. hmmm

so today I hear something outsiode the window while im cleaning…some stupid ass customer for that place was walking their dog in front of my house…i step outside…the bag of trash i had just put outside 10 mins earlier was torn to shit…and theres a fucking dog walking away from my front door where there sits a nice pile of shit. I flipped on the lady cause she was about to just walk away from it and leave it there… I told her she better be picking that up before leaving or id call the cops since its a fine to not “curb your dog” she huffed at me…thankfully at least picked up her dog shit…and then said "well I dont see the problem here the managers always walk dogs here they wouldnt do it if it wasnt allowed…

here are pics just to show you how freakin close the field is…and how she had to let her dog walk around a fucking fence to shit in front of my door. Of course this is after it took me a half hour to clean up all the trash sweep and rebag it.


first one this is my house…wood chips on the right where they fucking love to go

this one my house/wood chips at the bottom…across the way is the freakin field how hard is it to walk that much further

lol I think they love toying with you there missy

I would go back to the Owners…

And tell them That although you know and Respect that they Dont walk the dogs there you have at various times Seen thier customers do so, and That you would appreciate that they advise their Customers to use the Field.

Also advise them if they Continue you will file a complaint with the police department.

put up a “no trespassing” sign in front of your house or on the property line of the dog grooming place and your land but make sure the sign is on your property.

i just foudn out something that makes this complaint a whole lot easier to file. The management company that owns our apartments…owns that row of buildings too. Im gonna call the association first thing monday morning

put bear traps all over the wood chips that will learn them

lol f’n cherry pops…i just chocked on my tea…dammit! but great idea

lmao omg chris im soo gonna do that :tongue:

Lmao… umm It will work great if Bo comes home Drunk too…

Errr.. I didnt Say that.. 

Damn my fingers are running on their own… yikes

Lol… Awww you know I luv ya

hehe now im def. gonna have to do that silent…didnt think of that before but good resoning…hell screw the coming home drunk…coming home at 1am from work does it too :tongue: :ninja

O0o0o0 Evil Kat emerges …lmao

We have poop bins all over the place here and if your dog does a shit you’re supposed to pick it up in a plastic bag and put it in one. If you get caught not doing it you get a £1000 fine. People over here are very intollerant about that anyway, if anyone sees you you’re likely to get abuse if your lucky or if you’re not they post it through your letterbox!