I'm so nervous

I’m uploading my resume right now! The only way to apply is through their database, and I’m not supposed to call or follow up in anyway. I can only sit back and cross my fingers. My tummy is flip-flopping right now!!

I know it’s soooooooooooooooooo cliche…But if it’s meant to be;)

Just keep plugging away kiddo

Good luck Girly hug

Good luck!! I got faith in ya! :slight_smile:

You had some expert help, I am sure you will do just fine.

It’ll be fine. Just take your time.


Phew. It’s all done. Can’t do anything now.

Y’all should see how much chocolate I went through doing that! LOL I’m a basket case right now.

I missed your post. You bet I got some awesome help! haha Thanks girl!!!

Good luck. On a sidenote: Not being able to call in is retarded!

You’re welcome.

I sometimes think Lexi is TOO nice. Thank goodness I know different! lol :24::wink:

And the very best of luck HTC

Oh good luck!! You know I’m rooting for you and glad it turned out well!! :smiley:

good luck!

Kim, you have nothing to worry about…you’ll be fine

I think it’s just so big and they get so much traffic that it would be non-stop if they didn’t discourage people from calling in. There were probably 50 things posted when I put mine in and I’m pretty sure they have more than one opening for each title.

And thank you TD, BC, FW, and PJ.

good luck

Good luck from me too

I hate applying on-line. No follow up sucks