Im so Sad


My 7 yr old daughter is leaving in a couple of hours to go on a 2 week vacation with her great grandparents far, far away. She going all the way to California! Thats a looong ways away from where we leave and Ive never been away from her for that long.


she’ll be ok


Well sure she’ll be ok…that still doesnt help the pain of seperation.

Just know shes with grandma and she will be taken very good care of…

oh yeah…

enjoy yourself while shes gone. Its not too oftne I’m sure!!!


Its good for brats…I mean kids to let the nests and see the world. She will have fun and you can take it easy.


you will be ok… I would be crushed as well! But you will have FREE time w/o her!


Where in Cali?


yeah she can visit the booze. but anyway, she’ll be ok. im sure you’ll talk to her every day. its good for her to see other places even if shes is only 7. just imagine how its gonna be when she grows up and move in on her own. you’ll get through it. the time will fly by.


Where in Cali?[/quote]

Mostly the Riverside area. She will be visiting my dad in Hacienda Heights and he will most likely take her to Disneyland then My aunt was planning on taking them to Sea World. I know shell have a blast and I didnt want her to miss the opportunity because it doesnt look like Im gonna be able to take her out there on my own for a while.