Im soo pissed

this morning I was trying to take a pic with my phone and the stupid thing stopped working so dammit now I cant take pics with my phone anymore wtf???

what were you trying to take a picture of?

you just nevermind yourself with that :tongue:

hmm ok

shish you

or what

tub pic

negative on that

hahahaha Now you’ve got me REALLY curious…

hmmmmmmmm… well, maybe this is punishment from a “force beyond your control”… or even more maybe, you camera is in shock from what it had to photograph…


Bacon just got owned!! :slight_smile:

Audra that sucks. :frowning:

youre telling me V not for just me, but all parties involved :frowning:


Yeah, tell me about it!

hey the camera on my phone is working again I havent taken a pic yet but when I opened it I had the option to take a pic again so…yeah Im excited!!!

You still haven’t answered me though. :slight_smile:

I think allvenom did for me :slight_smile:

Where’s your digi camera?

I still have it but thats not as convienient

they take better quality pictures though.