Imaginary album titles

The Flaming Lips–Intestinal Flowers Grow Green in the Moonlight

Madonna–Hava Nagilah - The Extended Kabbalah Mix

Aretha Franklin–Cheetodust

Beck–Overrated Mutation

Janet Jackson - Takin’ In Up The Ass

Cocteau Twins - Just Kidding!

Tori Amos - I Wish All My Fans Were Dead So I Could Stop Making Crappy Concept Albums

Helen Keller - ::;;:;;;;;;…:;;…;:;…;:;…

Dolly Parton–Me and My Shadows

Clay Aitken–Ambiguous

Courtney Love - I Am A Walking Yeast Infection

Ani Difranco - Critters In My Dreads

Jennifer Lopez - I Married a Chihuahua

Everything But The Girl - More Remixes To Keep Us From Recording New Material

Kid Rock–B.O.

Usher–Burning Urethra

Judas Priest - Cockrings of Assassination

Tupac - I’m Dead. No, Really.

Lil’ Kim - My Pussy Dispenses Cash

Paula Cole: Totem Tits, Peyote Pits

Blink 182 - Watch Me Do a 180 Then Fuck Me in the Ass

DMX - The Boys in The Prison Call Me Rough Rider In The Showers

R Kelly - Baby Be My Urinal

Ashlee Simpson - Not Like My Sister

They Might Be Giants - Yes!

Slipknot - Put Dynamite in Our Masks

Wilson Phillips - She’s Still Fatter Than Us

Josh Groban - My Mother Consumed Windex While Pregnant

Avril Lavigne - I’m So Over Daddy, Like Totally

Come on! Add to my imaginary list.

Good ones, dude!

I like them all!

Good job!

Elton John---- Goodbye faded Jeans
Elton John---- Hold me closer Tony Danza

George Michael - Zip me up before you go go
Nirvana - Smells like gunpowder:D

[quote=“Peter Parka, post: 340309”]George Michael - Zip me up before you go go
Nirvana - Smells like gunpowder:D[/quote]

:smiley: dammit! it won’t let me rep you again.