Immigration and the Subject of Boarders



And that justifies the genocide!? How dillusional are you?!


Genocide? We rallied men who wanted to be under the Republic, who fought the radical Muslim threat in the area AND radical Socialists (both of which were being funded by the old Spanish Elite class) and we tried to break the caste system that the Spanish forced on the people. Offering downtrodden people the gift of social mobility and relief from a harsh caste system, whilst also profiting with a very important military position and by using the decent sum of mineral reserves. We profit they profit. There was no genocide, there was war; but that’s about it. The Philippines would just be another backwards nation if it wasn’t for the US’s initiative to build infrastructure, allow free and open trade, and reduce the power of the caste system the Spanish imposed upon the people.


I call bullshit


Having Filipino family who actually fought WITH the US against the Moros, I can tell you that if they won the whole of the Philippines would be doubly worse. So you really have to pick, the “Philippine Republic” which advocated for the old Spanish caste system to remain, the Moros who would ethnically remove any non-Muslims, or the US who just wanted some territory and were willing to build infrastructure, schools, educated the people, and more.
It isn’t genocide it was war and it was damn effective. The Romans didn’t let shit slid in their territories, why should we.


We aren’t slavers with an aristocracy. And I’m not saying that the Moros were good, but their evils dont justify ours


It was very simple, we told the Filipinos this, join or die. The ones who joined became business owners, land owners, and had only to gain because of the newly opened up social structure. Those who opposed were killed.


And you don’t see that as fucked up? Violating other’s sovereignty? And yet you complain about others doing the same to you. The hypocrisy is strong with this one


Well yes, if you advocate for the insurance of a caste system that oppresses a majority of the population, restricts free trade, and among other things, then yes I am a hypocrite. I’ve made this clear that I advocate for the physical removal of Socialists, haven’t I.