Does immigration bring a net social/economic gain/loss to a country?

Should countries encourage more or less immigration?


If the immigrants are very highly-skilled, I think they could be beneficial to a country. With that said I have a friend whom has complained of highly-skilled jobs being intentionally given to immigrants rather than native-borns (and this person is quite liberal) so that’s why I wanted to specify that they be very highly-skilled. Like, if they could do something really, really, really, really great for the country. Iunno man.

All in all, Immigration doesn’t do us any good. It increases unemployment (of native-borns), increases the size of the welfare state and usually it’s the children of Mexican immigrants that are responsible for crimes (outside of Blacks). The immigrants themselves actually do not commit much crime, according to the statistics, so it’s probably American urban culture that makes this happen.

Either way, it’s really about jobs and unemployment for me.

If it’s non-white immigration in particular, that’s even worse because it will lower the respective country’s overall innovation-rate (likely due to non-whites having lesser developed neocortexes which I have talked about in other threads). The exception to this rule would be East-Asians, they have the largest neocortexes in general and are the smartest people in the world (besides maybe Ashkenazis whom have literally been merchants and s*** for generations) - however they aren’t very inventful themselves.

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