Import question


if there was no labor cost can you make an accura integra push 600 hp with a 4 cyl engine for $10,000?

a guy I work with swears he can…I say he can’t…just wanna know what you think


for about 10k, you could take the integra, take everything out of it, find a good ford pickup with a triton v8 at a junkyard, remove the engine and cpu, get a 6 speed manual to match up, top it off with an aluminum driveshaft mating with a built 8.8 rear end. now dual turbo the triton v8 and do some ported and breathing work for the engine… should be there… :dunno


Anythings possible with enough boost and a built motor, cams, portwork, etc. I could see 450 maybe 500 flywheel… 600 is more than I think would be possible but heh what if he pushed 30psi


anything is possible. :slight_smile:


i have a freind that got a integra gsr for 4200 turned around and put a 8-9000 dollar engine in it at 15lbs boost and will have 380fwhp
he can push 30lbs at around 500fwhp so yea it is possible


possible yeah. stupid and waste of your 10g yes.


I think so, no problem. Like Joe said, power adder definately.


i cnat beleive my freind payed double for the engine and i veleive he will blow fairly quick he had a bullit for 4months and blew the engine then sold after fixing it