Important thread


Check it out here. …

Please give you opinions


i gave my one and half cents to the idea… :tard


ty ty… I know most people only check out this area, so therefore they will be able to see it too> :slight_smile:


i must have missed it earlier… i usually do the “new posts since last visit” thing so i can catch everything, but i didn’t catch…


Nope, I refuse to respond to adds :fu


I already said I believe you could pull it off dude.

I’m behind you 100% :rock

I have some ideas (at least, i think they are pretty good) and would be more than happy to throw in my 2 cents.

Keep us posted.


I wonder how much $ they want for MF’s?


Im all for it. if anyone can do it, Joe can. and with the members here, well many of then know alot about cars. it could be done.

the tech how-to’s wouldnt be too hard. many of us have bolt ons and stuff and i know Chris (HRnB) has a damn good car domain how to section. you could split it up by engines as well. it could be like a family tree, start with mustang split to coupe/vert, then engine size… or w/e. :dunno


thumbs up


It is a good idea. Make it happen, Joe.


I’ve responded and that’s all I got to say about that


Don’t bet the farm on it. I like it and think it will work. If you buy it, make sure they don’t start another one up.


I made my thoughts known :banana :banana :smiley: :smiley: