In 50 days

I will be a wife!!! wow i cant believe it, it’s creeping up really fast! I’m nervous!

yay breakfast! An early congrats to you! My wedding was the happiest, funnest day of my life!

oh man i hope mine is too! isoooo much to do and so little time…and money. wtf weddings make me broke!

lol congrats girl, i was to get married in october my self, but the baby pushed that back:) being due same time we were gonna get married and all, but enough bout me, congrats to you again:)

Yup, I was really nervous too but this is the one day of your life which revolves around you and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. I did though I found it a little un nerving being the centre of attention, I felt like I just wanted to chill and enjoy the show with everyone else. At least I was garunteed nookie at the end!:smiley:

yeah i cant wait for the week of nookie to follow with the honeymoon :smiley: I’m having a naughty gifts party hehehe. that way i will be very prepared for endless hours of crazy sex.

Im sure you will have a great day Breakfast. My only advice… if you get really nervous being the center of attention (like me)… just remember that it is YOUR day. NOONE else matters. So make sure you have lots and lots of fun… and have no regrets!

Yup, I agree, it’s the bride who’s the centre of attention, the groom is just there as an ornament! True fact!:smiley:

i have this feeling im going to turn really red and get hives lol

Well… have a few drinks before you go out there and do the First introduction thing. After you say your vows, there should be a time when the 2 of you and the bridal party will be alone together… break out the alcohol!! It worked for me :wink:

no alcohol :frowning: extremely religious parents are paying so wht they say goes. lol. i might take a flask and hide it under my garter :-p

Ohhhhhh I see. Yeah… what they say goes then!!

I could only have a couple of beers at the wedding as I had to drive us to our railway cottage for the first night.:frowning: We made up for it with the complementary champagne when we got there though!:slight_smile:

haha that sucks pete! It’s ok, we are having an after party after the wedding for all of OUR friends…gonna get roasted and toasted!

whoooo!! Party time! :slight_smile:

yeah you guys are all invited. if you want to come :smiley: or you can just send me presents :smiley:

Dang girl it will be here before you know it!! Wish we could all be there to see it all happen! Well the wedding part that is, not the honeymoon part. lol

haha well trust me we will have tons of pictures…though i dont know how long the photographer takes to put them online…i heard that can take a while sometimes. Honeymoon pics will be up as soon as we get back.

congrats to you clare!

Thats awesome clare. I’ll be a husband in about 29 days!