In the face of Labor and Conservative incompetence, the Liberal Democrats rise again in the UK


From what I’ve been seeing, the Liberal Democrats and SNP have been rising in popularity. This rise in more moderate and fresher parties, in my opinion, represents a positive change. Most of the Labor and Conservative PMs since 2000 have been completely incompetent: Blair helped Bush in fabricating a claim to go to war in Iraq, Corbin (despite never being elected) is an absolute dolt; he’s everything people hate about Bernie but he has about half the IQ, and Theresa May is just a joke. Do you believe that this trend will continue to pressure the two current lead parties to make more sensible decisions, or is this just a fluke which will ultimately change nothing? LMK your thoughts


I thought the exact opposite was happening?

(Also, the SNP? Moderate?)

I think a rise in moderate politics is welcome, the past few years have been unbelievably toxic and has put me off engaging with politics.

I disagree though that support for libdems and SNP are a good measure for increased support for moderate politics.


The SNP are more moderate than the current Labor Party under Corbyn. Plus, their leader actually has an IQ in the triple digits, again, unlike Corbyn


Could you give me an example of where they are more moderate?